On behalf of the company, I would like to welcome and thank you for visiting the website of Herman Otto Institute Nonprofit Ltd. You can find the latest news and information about environmental policies, nature conservation and agricultural training. We develop and implement government policies in these areas.

Our primary points of focus – as a limited company owned by the Agricultural Ministry – are eco-label certification, environmental protection, nature conservation and agricultural training. We are committed to act responsibly and respond to the challenges of the 21st century. In the effort of fulfil our commitment to the environment, my colleagues have a number successful conferences, workshops and roundtable discussions in the past few years. Our institution has also published several professional publications raising public awareness.

Started on 1 January 2017, our organisation operates a system responsible for issuing conformity certificate for goods and services that help protect the environment. We are in charge of tendering and the awarding of the Eco-friendly Trademark and the European Union Eco-Label under relevant national and European Union legislation.

Only a future generation, that is well-informed about the environment and nature, can ensure the future of our planet. Thus we consider education as one of our crucial tasks. To adhere to the commitments, we are organising events and campaign, and represent the company on many relevant events with games raising public awareness, publications and programs in order to raise public awareness. In addition we carry out the paramount task of education children by organising various campaigns.

With our twenty years' experience in agricultural training, we are publishing text books and composing exam questions in the area of agricultural professional Teaching up-to-date knowledge in the school-based education is crucial, therefore we aim to build the latest scientific and professional knowledge into our text books.

Within environment and nature protection, our colleagues are focused on waste management, environmental remediation, air quality management, nature protection, sustainability and noise protection. They seek to develop a comprehensive, systematic approach that enables carrying out tasks in an integrated way and inspires collaboration between different areas of expertise.

Herman Otto Conference Centre, owned by the Herman Otto Institute Nonprofit Ltd., besides hosting our corporate events, is often used by our business partners for organising event. The big hall of the Conference Centre can accommodate up to 300 guests, and the other 5 section halls can be an ideal venue for any kind of occasion. We look forward to your visit at one of our conferences, events, where you can get an insight into our work, get to know the partners of the sector and learn about the latest trends.

Besides our daily work, we find it crucial to contribute to the sustainable development of our environment. Therefore in accordance with our strategy for social responsibility, we support activities consistent with our core values. Hence we operate a communal compost yard and offer our Herman Otto Travelling Nature Trail and our “Heat smart” Travelling Exhibition free of charge on numerous events.

We really hope that you will find our website useful. If you have any questions or comments about our website, you can contact our team by email on hermanottointezet@hoi.hu. Your remark is very important for us to give up-to-date and comprehensive information to our visitors.

Péter Bozzay
managing director