On behalf of the company, I would like to welcome and thank you for visiting the website of Herman Ottó Institute Nonprofit Ltd.

The focus of our work – as a non-profit limited company owned by the Ministry of Agriculture – is on nature conservation, rural development and agricultural training. We carry out our tasks in a responsible way, responding to the challenges of the 21st century.

We have close to three decades of experience in agricultural education. Basically, we support the value-added work of agricultural training by publishing textbooks and preparing examination papers. In the case of school systems, it is very important to impart up-to-date knowledge, so we try to incorporate the latest scientific and professional knowledge in our textbooks.

In the field of nature conservation, our colleagues work to conserve biodiversity, protect against invasive species and run the Vadonleső programme launched in 2009 in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture. The company is the coordinating beneficiary of Hungary's first LIFE integrated project on nature conservation: Grassland-HU aims at the long-term conservation of Pannonian grasslands and associated habitats through a broad professional cooperation. In their activities, they aim to develop a comprehensive, systemic approach that allows for integrated tasks and cooperation between different disciplines.

In 2020, Minister of Agriculture István Nagy appointed the company to act as the permanent secretariat of the Hungarian National Rural Network, which has so far registered 16,000 organisations and individuals. Its fundamental task is to organise governmental, municipal and social organisations and individuals involved in rural development into an information and cooperation network, and to coordinate their activities in order to promote the socio-economic development of rural areas, to promote rural integration and the efficient use of funding.

We believe that the future of our planet can only be built with a growing generation that is well informed about the environment and nature, so we feel it is our priority to pass on our knowledge. To this end, we organise events, campaigns and participate in a number of awareness-raising activities, publications and programmes.

Over the years, my colleagues have organised countless high-quality conferences, workshops and round tables, and we have published a number of valuable professional and thought-provoking publications.

Herman Ottó Institute Nonprofit Ltd. owns the Herman Ottó Conference Centre, where we host our own events as well as those of our partners from time to time. With a capacity of almost 300 seats in our large hall and five section rooms, we have the perfect venue for every occasion! We look forward to welcoming you to our events and conferences, where you can learn more about our work, the industry and the latest trends.

I hope you find our website useful! We welcome your questions and comments at [email protected] to ensure that our site is up to date and provides visitors with complete information.

Péter Bozzay
Managing Director